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What is Allbiron®?

Allbiron® is new and licensed method to purify iron and organic humus from ground water in water supply plant.

Allbiron® -method makes possible to use otherwise difficult ground waters containing iron and organic humus. Allbiron® utilizes biological cleaning process witch is safe, cost effective and environmental friendly compared to traditional cleaning process.

Why Allbiron®?


Water Supply Plant using Allbiron® is 50 % cheaper to build and run compared to plant using traditional cleaning process with same raw water sources. 


Allbiron® produces way cleaner than all present chemical and biological cleaning processes.

No chemicals

Allbiron® does not need any process chemicals. Cleaning results are based on patented and comprehensively tested biological process.


Allbiron® utilizes common technology that makes it easy and cost effective to scale up to any size water supply plant needed. 

Allbiron® compared to present methods

Present chemical methods

  • Lots of raw water goes to waste
  • Cleaning process is dependent on chemical usage
  • Costly to build and maintain
  • Cleaning results are mediocre at best

Allbiron® advantages are

  • No chemicals, no storage, no logistics, no dependence on availability
  • All-inclusive process does not need any separate filtration of humus, nor sedimentation or clarification
  • Building costs 50 % lower thanks to simple process design
  • Simple process lowers energy consumption
  • Raw water waste percentage relatively small (1-2 %) compared to chemical process (10 - 15 %)
  • Raw water iron content can be up to 20 mg/l
  • CODMn can be up to 9 mg/l
  • Purified water results: Iron 0,01 mg/l and CODMn 0,8 - 1,0 mg/l !